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Make The BBC Pay

Well, I’ve kept quiet for a few days while everyone else is knocking the BBC. Now it’s my turn. I spent 12 years at the BBC and I know where the bodies are buried, which cupboards the skeletons are hidden in – and all the other suitable cliches you can think of. What do I […]

The BBC, Gayna and Me

I met Gayna Danity when I joined the BBC in 1994. Back then we had morning meetings, just as they did or still do with the editor in newspapers,  or in our case, the legendary Keith Samuel who had been the BBC’s Head of Comms for centuries. There were about twenty of us back then […]

Is The BBC Worth Saving?

I won’t be paying the licence fee when I’m 75. It won’t exist by then and the BBC might be extinct too. Unless it really sharpens up, ships out all the wasted dross and pointless execs/general management, it doesn’t have a chance. Former marketing whiz (allegedly) Tim Davie is now head honcho with the bizarre […]

The BBC- What’s Next?

The BBC has a new Director General, a rather grand and pompous title for Tim Davie, the new man in charge. I met Davie briefly when I was at the BBC and it was evident even back then that he wouldn’t hang around for long as Head of Marketing to promote programmes .He had much […]

What’s Happened To BBC Radio?

The news this week of Zoe Ball and Sara Cox haemorrhaging (yep, did a quick Spellcheck) listeners on Radio 2 made me wonder what’s the point of these figures, given that the people who hired them have no idea what their audience actually wants. Clearly, not over excited shrieking inanities at 6.30am for one thing, […]

PR In The Times Of Corona

The new celebrities in these extraordinary times are the NHS staff and all of the key workers who are keeping us healthy, safe and fed. While the awfulness of coronavirus has rightly shone a starry light on all of them, from doctors, nurses and cleaners, to carers, shelf stackers and dustmen, expert scientists have also […]

Happy 10th Birthday PardellPR

Like all businesses it feels like quite a monumental achievement when you reach your 10th birthday and so it is with enormous pleasure that I pat myself on the back and say well done us. We are very much alive and kicking! Of course, it’s not exactly been a smooth run, starting up, getting clients, […]

When A Big Brand Fails

There is a lot of upset this morning as thousands of holidaymakers find out their holidays/honeymoons won’t be happening, over 150,000 stranded tourists are worrying about how they’ll get back home and 15,000 employees discover they are out of a job. I don’t understand how any company can keep trading ie taking peoples’ money, when […]

Right Royal PR Disasters

You’d think the people who own one of the world’s most respected and best known brands and who could undoubtedly afford to hire the very best PRs in the world, (sorry, I’m too busy) shouldn’t be making the same catastrophically disastrous PR mistakes again and again. Is it is because of pomposity and privilege (Andrew) […]

Your Market Value

I’ve been watching the BBC’s attempt to justify the mega salaries of its presenters, celebrities and management staff, scoring a massive PR own goal in the wake of refusing to pay the licence fees of the over 75s. This is despite the fact that this was part of the Corporation’s agreement to take on the […]