“I had the pleasure of working with Frances at Bourne Leisure where she enthusiastically championed PR opportunities.”

- Cheryl Waring , Sales and Events Manager , Bourne Leisure

Public Speaking and Media Training

For some people just the idea of speaking in public is too terrifying to contemplate, while others relish the chance to speak in front of an audience. There will be some people who have a natural talent for public speaking but most orators, especially those who are presidents, famous or just admired, have usually had training in the art of public speaking, employ speechwriters and have learnt how to engage with an audience and captivate them.

A memorable speech is inspiring, not only because of its content but in its delivery as well.

We have all sat through presentations where the speaker has lost the audience in the first five minutes, yet carries on for another 40, by which time everyone has mentally, at least, left the room.

Professional training can make all the difference. Not only will it improve the content of your speech and ensure that you are powerfully communicating what you want to say, you will also learn the best way to deliver your speech so that it has maximum impact.

It is also important to understand the best way to deal with the media, whether that’s in newspapers, on radio or on television. Speaking to the media is a great opportunity for you to raise your profile and the profile of your business, as well as getting your messages across to a wider audience.

You will want to give a confident interview and the best way to achieve this is to prepare yourself with specialist media training. Rehearsing your performance and responses with the aid of a media professional will support and encourage you to express yourself in the best possible light.

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