“Blimey, that showed them! If ever there was a doubt that a digital channel could achieve the same coverage as BBC ONE or TWO, your work on The Alan Clark Diaries dispelled it!”

- Vanda Rumney, Head of TV Publicity. BBC Television

Internal Communications and Stakeholder Management

It doesn’t matter what size of company you have, if you have employees, clients or customers and partnership organisations then you need to communicate with them.

What are the benefits of internal communications and stakeholder management? Most large organisations have an intranet to inform its staff of what is going on, some even have their own internal staff magazines, such as Ariel at the BBC. They are likely to a have a team of people whose job it is to communicate to staff and also to the stakeholders of the business or organisation.

In smaller companies it is just as essential to communicate to the people who are important to your business. It reinforces co-operative relationships both inside and outside your business, validates the importance of your employees, raises awareness of how they can increase their contribution to the business and in doing so enhance their own success.

Communicating to stakeholders reinforces your reputation and creates and enhances co-operative partnerships.

Your internal public relations is,therefore, as important to your business as what you say to the outside world.