“Frances was a delight to work with. Working to a very tight deadline she showed great flexibility and creativity in helping us to prepare for an important presentation and to coordinate the response and engagement with network group enquiries.”

- Dominic Hicks, Commercial Director, Admiral Environmental Group

Charity and Community Relations

Giving sponsorship and support to charities and the local community is often integral to a company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy. There are many benefits for a company with an active CSR policy. It’s an excellent way to develop strong business contacts as well as creating beneficial PR for the company concerned.

However, a lot of companies that engage with charities or sponsor events, local or otherwise, do not use the opportunity to promote themselves as part of the package. Any charity is more than happy for its corporate sponsors to benefit from their generosity, creating a firm win/win partnership for those involved.

Local newspapers especially welcome stories related to charities and community events. This presents you with many opportunities to raise your profile, get your company name in the paper and associated with a cause that will create goodwill towards your brand.

If you already support a charity it’s worth investigating how you can benefit from this association. If your company is not yet engaged in any CSR activity, you can research local opportunities and find out how you can get involved. All charities are struggling to raise the funds they need and will welcome any opportunity to engage with you.

Concerning sponsorship, you don’t have to make the kind of enormous investments that were required for the Olympics. Again, look to the local community to find worthwhile projects, events or people who can benefit from your support.

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