Right Royal PR Disasters

You’d think the people who own one of the world’s most respected and best known brands and who could undoubtedly afford to hire the very best PRs in the world, (sorry, I’m too busy) shouldn’t be making the same catastrophically disastrous PR mistakes again and again.

Is it is because of pomposity and privilege (Andrew) or the shining light of worldwide celebrity (Meghan and Harry) that make them think they are beyond any reproach? Isn’t it bad enough that for years Andy consorted with a billionaire who clearly had a public penchant for young girls the same age or even younger than Andy’s daughters yet he enjoyed Epstein’s lavish hospitality and private jets? Add to that his continued friendship, oops, sorry, ‘association’ with him after he’s spent 18 months in jail for a paedophile conviction and then claim he didn’t notice anything unusual…!

Fresh breath of air Meghan Markle spent years climbing the Hollywood celebrity pole and good luck to her, she eventually got a lead role in a cable TV series and then bagged a British prince. A multi talented beauty with apparently sincere beliefs and a mission to save the world/women/rainforest etc. Except….you can’t preach one rule for yourself and one rule for the rest of us. 4 private jet flights in 11 days? Harry’s little sabbatical (private jet and helicopters) to Google’s celeb climate change meeting on a Greek island?

This pair were doing so well, until they decided to lie about their precious baby’s arrival and then present him to the world as a foot (or was it a hand). Whatever, we were several limbs short of a full baby and the British public are still very pissed off. We don’t like them to assume that it’s okay for them to spend £2.5 million of our hard earned taxes on their new home outside of London and not give us one decent family picture. They can enjoy plenty of privacy and state security on or off planes boats and trains, but there’s a price to pay for being part of The Firm and by dint of their very privileged position, get the world’s attention on whatever message or causes they hold dear. With the kind of influence Harry & Meghan have somebody needs to tell them that what they put on their Insta feed is not enough.

However, I may be doing a great injustice to their Comms people. You can give the absolute best advice but still be ignored, only to watch an employer or client shoot themselves in the foot and mouth. For Andrew, his only option is to come clean and saying he made a mistake is both weasely and weak. I hope he’s telling the truth about not cavorting with any US underage girls, because the truth will eventually out and if he’s lying now or has lied in the past about what went on he will have to retire quietly and forever. Hopefully with his equally grasping and accident prone ex wife.

As for Harry and Meghan, listen to your new Comms chief. Give the people a crumb, we want to see little Archie now, not when he’s five years old. Learn from Grandma, a very wise old bird about whom we know absolutely nothing except that she is dutiful, frugal and Queenlike. You are famous for being royal, you don’t have to have the celebrity £300,000 baby shower blingfest even if a wealthy pal is paying for it. Of course, Wills and Kate had booked their economy flight to Scotland way before the H&M private jet scandal broke, but I hope they allowed themselves a little smug nod and gave themselves a metaphorical pat on the back. Best Royal PR stunt ever.