“I do want to say a big thank you for your brilliant work on the launch of Paddock Wood. The press exposure really surpassed expectations, and generated lots of interest in Auto22 following this. You did a great job, and I am so grateful.”

- Richard Mayhew, Managing Director, Catch22 Social Enterprise

Social Media

Can engaging with social media help you and your business? A resounding yes. In fact, if you still haven’t started to engage on any of the most popular social media platforms even in the simplest of ways, you are probably going to end up far behind your competitors.

Only the most resistant of disbelievers can ignore the power of social media. At its most extreme, think of the Arab Spring, or the London riots, which began through social media and was followed by a mass public clean up operation that was brought about through the same medium. Social media is not a passing phase, it’s here to stay. If you aren’t using social media in any form then it’s never too late to start.

Do you have a profile on LinkedIn? Most business people do, but how many of you have a 100% profile and a good portrait shot? Not having a picture at all means you really don’t want anybody to contact you, uploading a nice snap from your holiday is almost criminal! Remember that it’s a professional medium and it’s a brilliant way to build up your list of contacts and find potential clients and customers.

What about Facebook? Maybe you already have a personal page for friends and family, but don’t use that for your business, keep it private. Instead have a second page for your business and build up your connections. It’s important to say things that are interesting and encourage people to comment on them. Consider this, the average number of Facebook friends per person is approx 130. Therefore, if your 130 friends/ business connections all comment on something you write it will be seen by their 130 friends….let’s do the maths, that’s an astonishing 16,900 people seeing your one comment!

Over half the population of the UK, including one third of people over 65 use social media. It’s likely that your employees are on Facebook and possibly on Twitter as well. It is essential that you have a clear social media policy in your staff handbook because once something is on the internet everyone can read it. It is essential that anything said about the company, or its employees is under the control and consent of its most senior people.

If you are just beginning, good starting points are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, with YouTube for any company videos you have. Make sure you only tweet or post a blog when you have something interesting to say or comment on. Nobody cares if you’re having a cappuccino or eating toast for breakfast!

On Twitter, follow people who interest you, especially those who are local to where you are based. You will learn from them. This is a great way to engage with interesting people and share your experiences, your expertise and great articles with those that in turn will hopefully decide to follow you

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