“I don’t get impressed often, but the first time I worked with Frances I was very, very impressed…and have been ever since.”

- Adam Gray, Social Media Specialist


Over the years, Frances has undertaken PR campaigns of various dimensions – London-centric, regional, national and international. A number of these campaigns involved staging media conferences, product launches, fund-raising/media events and presentations. Others relied purely on the quality and topicality of information pitched to the nominated media.

Her operational strengths lie in her ability to identify the key issues, to arrange and present these in a newsworthy format to a carefully selected list of media outlets and subsequently generate media coverage. Carefully strategised, budgeted and timed, these campaigns are generally carried out autonomously, but on occasions, in tandem with the client’s marketing department or agency.
To her public relations work Frances brings creativity and diplomacy, demonstrates a keen ability to listen, discern, strategise and recommend specific courses of action. She also maintains an unrelenting attention to detail and a quiet grace under pressure.