Case Studies

Admiral Environmental Group Case Study

Group Marketing Manager Raj Parmar briefed Pardell PR on a forthcoming GovToday conference and exhibition and conference, Greening the FE and He Sector Conference 2012, where the Admiral Environmental Group would have a stand and present a 45 minute Masterclass aimed at delegates from Further Education and Higher Education schools colleges and universities.

This was the first time the Admiral Environmental Group had attended a GovToday event and the company was keen to promote its LED and SchoolBright product. Competition in the LED sector was high, especially from Phillips which had attended the exhibition a number of times in previous years. Not only were Phillips exhibiting, they were also doing a 45 minute Masterclass presentation on Led lighting.

Gov Today promised AEG active social media engagement on their site, and a guaranteed good turnout for the Masterclass presentation, which would run simultaneously with other Masterclasses on offer to delegates.

The brief was to produce:
A press release
Masterclass overview for the Gov Today website
Web feeds/discussion
Case histories and testimonials
General assistance with creative copy
Engaging in opportunities to ultimately generate sales activity

Pardell PR researched the Gov Today website, contacted relevant Gov Today personnel. We revised the first Masterclass Overview for the Gov Today website and created nine possible titles. Feedback from Gov Today said it was too focused on LED product, which conflicted with their other client Phillips’ and its Masterclass.

We extensively researched the comprehensive Carbon Management Plans documents from several universities and re-wrote the Masterclass Overview, encompassing many key points that related directly to the universities interests and requirements. Crucially, we re-named the Masterclass Achieving Your Carbon Management Targets and proceeded to assist in putting together the presentation.

We wrote several blogs for the Gov Today website and monitored activity daily on the site. This was substantially less than AEG had been led to expect by GovToday. Pardell PR highlighted a number of opportunities for AEG to comment on other blog posts, and our own blogs had good numbers of visitors, although not extensive responses.

We researched ideas for the Masterclass and sourced visuals images and suggested video clips which would enhance it. We attended a number of meetings with AEG to brainstorm ideas for the presentation and how to make the most of the Gov Today website, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We helped in compiling the final presentation and encouraged director Dominic Hicks to rehearse.

The Achieving Your Carbon Management Targets Masterclass presentation was a resounding success, with a room so packed with delegates that people were willing to sit on the stairs and the floor.

Phillips meanwhile had a reasonably attended Masterclass but nowhere near the standing room only response for AEG.

One of the defining factors for such exceptional attendance had been the title change to Achieving Your Carbon Management Targets and rewriting of the Overview. This extended the scope of the Masterclass so that it had greater appeal for the FE and HE delegates.

“One of the key projects that we worked closely on with PardellPR was the Gov Today Master Class presentation “Achieving your Carbon Management Targets”. I cannot praise them enough. They dealt with everything expediently, professionally, on time, any problems of our making were solved quickly and the standard of work excellent.

Pardell PR were able to strive to great lengths to search data, past and recent studies and identify opportunities in relation to AEG products and services. They provided a second dimension to our business which has greatly benefited our marketing efforts, even though at times this extended beyond office hours.

The results speak for themselves which have generated many enquiries and good quality lead pipeline.

Admiral Environmental Group has no hesitation in recommending PardellPR as a dedicated and trustworthy PR company. Over the period of this project our mutual relationship extended far greater than being ‘just a customer’. Raj Parmar, Group Marketing Manager, Admiral Environmental Group

“Frances was a delight to work with. Working to a very tight deadline she showed great flexibility and creativity in helping us to prepare for an important presentation and to coordinate the response and engagement with network group enquiries.” Dominic Hicks, Commercial Director, Admiral Environmental Group