How I Got My Client on BBC 1 Primetime Masterchef

I was travelling back from London with a female client, following a lunch meeting I’d arranged with an important trade journalist from the leading magazine for the construction industry. I forget how we got on the subject of food but she told me that her husband, a co founder and director of the business, cooked the family ‘restaurant standard food every night’.

I laughed and said “He should be on Masterchef!” and she said it was his favourite programme. I like to know what my clients are like outside as well as inside the office, it’s always during the moments outside of a meeting that you can learn little gems. How to promote the company by giving the client an opportunity to do something that they’d love. I’d already got this client on BBC Breakfast, a whole page feature in the Daily Mail and entered her for a national award for female entrepreneurs, which I helped her win ( NatWest Everywoman).

So when I got back to the office I registered her husband’s name and with his reluctant consent started to fill in the entry form, which was like writing an autobiography. I interviewed him and had to answer pages and pages of questions, including the provision of a 30 second video which I briefed him on how to film.

I knew what to say and how to say it, to make his entry form high impact, compelling and persuasive. Sure enough he was called by a researcher then invited in for an audition. He flew back from a holiday to celebrate his mother’s 60 birthday party to attend as he was so keen to get on the programme.

The series starts soon and I can’t wait to see him on screen. I don’t know how far he got (participants have to keep quiet on all aspects, including their involvement, for months) but I know for both of us that just having him on the programme, which has thousands of entries, is a real achievement and he absolutely loved taking part.