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Should The Licence Fee Pay For People Who Don’t Watch the BBC?

There was an interesting cover story in this weekend’s Sunday Times magazine about the state of the BBC, written by Roger Mosey a former head of BBC News. It was very slanted – and critical – about the BBC’s news offering but as a former insider he also focused on the challenges facing this world […]

How I Got My Client on BBC 1 Primetime Masterchef

I was travelling back from London with a female client, following a lunch meeting I’d arranged with an important trade journalist from the leading magazine for the construction industry. I forget how we got on the subject of food but she told me that her husband, a co founder and director of the business, cooked […]

How To Win An Oscar

As I have a pretty good track record of helping my clients to win awards and because I spent over 30 years doing PR in films and TV, I think I’m well placed to give the benefit of my extensive knowledge and experience to all those thespians who fancy claiming one of those much coveted […]

Vote for Noel

I worked in the entertainment industry for 30 years and during that time had the pleasure or misfortune of working with a huge range of stars and celebrities , some of whom were wonderful people, some were absolutely appalling and numerous others somewhere in between. As a professional I always thought that, apart from occasional […]

The Silence of the Newspapers

I love newspapers. I’ve been an avid reader for years and not only because media coverage has always been such a major part of what I do for my clients. In the UK we are so lucky to have so many published national titles (12). With these come a wide range of excellent journalists and […]

Awards- Who Are The Real winners?

I’m usually the one who writes award nomination forms for my clients, sometimes requiring thousands of words. It is very time consuming and award entries take hours. I focus on them as if I was answering an exam question and I’m always aware of the importance of checking the criteria and then answering what’s required […]

Who Are The Real Winners of Love Island?

I confess I am bereft, my guilty pleasure of being an avid viewer of Love Island for the past eight weeks is now ‘soo over’. No more series link, no more late night catch ups, no more snuggling up to watch the latest episode of the villa drama with my other half. I’ve never watched […]

What’s So Good About Networking

I recently went to the annual St George’s Day lunch event from the St Albans Chamber of Commerce. Unlike a lot of regional Chambers it’s very pro active and this lunch is the local business event of the year. 345 guests enjoy much jollity, networking, good food, plenty of liquid refreshment, a guest speaker and […]

In Times of Crisis

I recently took on a new client who said they wouldn’t need my crisis management services, yet as soon as the first week of working with them began I got an emergency call from my main contact, one of the company’s directors. A partner in their sister firm was also the head of a big […]

Earthquake Oxfam

Like everyone else, I have watched, read and listened with utter horror as the story has unfolded of how some Oxfam employees and those in a number of other aid organisations/NGOs, have taken hideous and indiscriminate advantage of the desperate poverty-struck people (usually females) in Haiti, Bangladesh, Chad and just about in every other poor […]