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No Way Out

I began my PR career in the film industry, all very head turning and glamorous and I eventually ended up working in television at the BBC for 12 (long) years. That’s over 20 years in the entertainment business. As a young woman you just got used to the unwanted attention of sexually inclined predators. It […]

Can You Save Your Reputation In A Crisis?

The recent latest debacle from Ryanair might have hit CEO Michael O’Leary by surprise. He is so used to insulting his passengers he probably wasn’t anticipating quite so much outrage from them and the subsequent revolt from his overworked pilots when hundreds of flights had to be cancelled to give pilots holiday leave. I was […]

Making A Right Pigs Ear Of It

There are times when a local and seemingly simple business story captures the imagination and makes it onto the local and national radio and tv bulletins and in the papers the next day. This can of course be very positive for the company concerned and give them plenty of PR mileage with which they can […]

Networking – The Importance Of Finding The Right Group

I’ve been pondering the significance of being a member of a successful networking group since Platinum Point, a small independent and unique group of which I’ve been a member for the past 4 years, won the SME Herts Best Networking Group award this week. When I set up my PR company in 2010 I came […]

Making The Most of A PR Opportunity

It’s easy for me to recognise a PR opportunity as I’ve been working as a PR specialist and journalist for many years. I know what makes a good story and I know how to present it and write it up. Not so easy for the novice or the business owner who has other priorities. Even […]

It’s Party Time – How To Organise An Event

Now that we’ve survived the onslaught of coverage about Pippa Middleton’s wedding – ironically I’ve now added to it – you really don’t need to spend over £1million to host a great party, whether that’s a wedding, birthday, summer barbeque, product launch or conference etc. Basically, any event where you’ll have lots of guests who […]

United (Airlines) We Stand

Just when you think nothing could possibly make a situation worse, especially from a PR point of view, you get United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz calling the passenger who was filmed being dragged off the plane by his staff ‘disruptive and belligerent’. Mr Munoz, if that had been me, it would have given you a […]

To Edit Or Not To Edit?

I love getting on the train to London and picking up the Metro at my local station and grabbing a copy of the Evening Standard at St Pancras station. The latter has long been an old favourite of mine, both tabloid yet quite meaty at the same time, appealing as much to Londoners (me, former) and […]

Alternative Facts and Fake News – Only The Media Can Save Us

Since the hacking scandal and now with the Donald embedded in the White House, the ‘media’ has come under fire and blamed for everything that does not suit people like Trump who prefer ‘alternative facts’ to actual truth. I appreciate the total paradox as a very experienced PR consultant to be criticising the concept of […]


I seem to be in the midst of a spamming crisis, as in digital rather than those tins of reconstituted processed meat that were so familiar in my schooldays. I have been ignoring my junk mail box for some time, mainly because lately I have been receiving lots of emails from supposedly young ladies who […]